Using Art in EFL Classrooms

Art can be a very motivating and refreshing tool for students to practice English. It makes the class fun and engages students in the tasks. The workshop includes art-related tasks to practice English: Drama, music, crafts, storytelling, … are introduced via some practical activities (games) to the participants to enable them to effectively use them in EFL young adult and adult classrooms to make language learning a multi-sensory experience which will never be forgotten.

Country: Iran
City: Tehran

An Online Academic Writing Course

Writing is an educated skill. We usually write in our daily life but when it comes to academic writing, it has proved quite different even for the students from English-Speaking countries. The most important academic writing is thesis/dissertation which is the benchmark for evaluating one’s academic achievement in postgraduate levels and even his/her future professional career. Thus, learning how to handle such related issues as choosing an appropriate topic, structure, style, language, citations, and psychological factors such as self-confidence can be critical when writing academic writing.
This course aims to make the participants aware of the strategies and techniques to hunt a researchable topic, the detailed design of a thesis/dissertation, appropriate writing style and conventions, proper language, citation rules and norms with the hope to foster their self-confidence to end up their study with a well-researched piece of work.