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Diversify Your EFL Career: Explore Different Contexts and Roles


As an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, you have a wealth of opportunities to expand your career and explore different contexts and roles. While traditional teaching positions in language schools or universities are common, there are many alternative paths for EFL teachers to take, which can offer new challenges, skills, and experiences.

Here are some innovative and creative roles that EFL teachers can explore:


Teaching for Specific Purposes

Find job opportunities teaching business English or exam preparation courses.


Material and Course Design

Take your teaching role up to next level by creating and designing English teaching content or courses. 


Using English in other roles

Use your knowledge of English to take on roles outside of education like tourism and translation. 


Corporate Trainer: Many companies have a need for employees who can communicate effectively in English, especially for multinational companies. EFL teachers can offer their expertise to train employees in business English, cross-cultural communication, and presentation skills. You can prepare for this kind of role with our Teaching Business English 60-hour TEFL Course

Online Teacher: With the rise of online education, EFL teachers can work remotely and reach a wider audience. Platforms like VIPKid, iTutorGroup, and Cambly are popular choices for EFL teachers who want to work online. Find out more about how to be your own boss with our Teaching English Online as a Freelancer 30-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course. Keep developing your skills with courses like 10-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credentials for Games and Activities for the Online Classroom for Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teenagers or Adults. You could even gain knowledge depending on the group size like with the 10-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credential, Teaching English Online to Groups.

Teacher-Trainer: Experienced and knowledgable EFL teachers who are passionate about professional development can consider becoming teacher trainers. They can deliver workshops, courses, and seminars to help other teachers improve their teaching skills and knowledge of English language teaching methodology.


There are many alternative paths for EFL teachers to take, which can offer new challenges, skills, and experiences.  

Content Creator: EFL teachers can leverage their knowledge and skills to create content, such as course materials, videos, podcasts, or blogs, to help students learn English. These materials can be sold online or used in their own teaching practice. Learn everything you need to know about how to create your own English course for Specific Purposes with our Designing Custom Courses 40-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course or Materials Development for the EFL Classroom 20-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credential. 

Language Assessment Specialist: EFL teachers can work in the field of language assessment, developing or evaluating language exams or tests, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

You can learn all of the pedagogical strategies required to teach an exam preparation course with these Micro-credentials. 

  • Teaching TOEFL Test Prep 20-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credential 
  • Teaching PTE Test Prep 20-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credential
  • Teaching IELTS Exam Prep 20-Hour TEFL / TESOL Micro-credential 

Language Immersion Program Coordinator: EFL teachers can help organize and run language immersion programs, where students live and study in a foreign country. They can use their teaching skills and knowledge of the local culture to create a dynamic and engaging language learning experience. 

Tour Guide: EFL teachers with a passion for travel and culture can consider becoming tour guides. They can use their language skills and knowledge of different countries to lead groups of tourists and provide a unique perspective on the local culture.

Translators or interpreters: English language teachers can also learn more about becoming a translator or an interpreter. In translation, you could aspire to a written translation job or an online or face-to-face consecutive or simultaneous translator. 

In conclusion, there are many alternative and exciting paths that EFL teachers can take to diversify their careers. These roles offer the chance to utilize your teaching skills in new and innovative ways and to gain new experiences, perspectives, and challenges. If you want to know more about how ELT Think Tank can support you on your path, just contact us


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