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Inspiring Curiosity, Communication and Creativity in the Young Learner Classroom

septiembre 29, 2021

Inspiring curiosity, communication and creativity in the young learner classroom
Presented by Katherine Stannett and Andrew Tiffany
29 September
Time: 9 AM BST / 2 pm BST


Imagine a classroom that is a fun, engaging, and motivating environment for young learners. Imagine using real life stories, facts and photographs to introduce our young learners to the world in a way that sparks their curiosity, stimulates communication and celebrates creativity. Imagine that!

In this presentation, Kath will explain how by capturing our students’ imagination right from the beginning of their learning journey and opening their eyes to wonders from around the world, we can inspire them with curiosity, and give them the tools to start reading, writing and speaking in English.

Andrew will then share teaching examples of Kath’s points with the young learner title “Imagine”, using the audience as his ‘class’.  Finally, Kath will debrief what was done to inspire curiosity, communication and creativity, illustrating how you can do the same to bring your own classroom to life.


septiembre 29, 2021

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