ELT Think Tank ::: FAQ2019-02-09T13:46:36-05:00


¿Dónde encuentro los videos de e-Training?2019-02-16T19:15:19-05:00

Luego de ingresar a la página de tu institución, haz clic en el menu izquierdo en “e-Training”.

¿Cómo ingreso al e-Training de mi colegio?2019-02-16T19:10:06-05:00

Haz clic en “Schools” y busca el logo de tu colegio.

What can I find in ELT Resources?2019-02-16T19:16:53-05:00

Here you can find a glossary full of important terms for the ELT field and white papers that we write to go more in depth on a particular topic.

What is ELT Think Tank?2019-02-16T19:17:13-05:00

ELT Think Tank curates events that are happening all over the world in our calendar so you can participate, not only in your city, but online!

What is ELT Learning?2019-02-16T19:17:20-05:00

ELT Learning is an open forum where you can participate in discussions boards about professional learning reading (PL Reading), be it books or articles, and professional learning Videos (PL Videos), like TED talks or other videos from conferences and conventions around the world. Think of it like an online book club but for all types of material that discusses professional learning for English language teachers.

What’s the difference between a mini-webinar and a webinar?2019-02-16T19:17:30-05:00

A mini-webinar is a 30-minute webinar that discusses a topic superficially, providing quick tips, resources or suggested activities with some interaction with the participants. It has a cost of US$10.00.

The webinar is a 1-hour session that takes on a “think tank” approach allowing participants to interact, collaborate and share experiences and ideas, as well as a series of  tips, resources and take away materials you can use in class. It has a cost of US$20.00.

What is a PL Roadmap?2019-02-16T19:16:58-05:00

The PL Roadmap, or Professional Learning Roadmap, is a plan designed by the teachers accompanied by a team of expert teacher trainers to develop a series of PL activities that allow teachers to reach their professional goals. It is important to have done the ELT Diagnostic beforehand to obtain a complete PL Roadmap.

What is an ELT Diagnostic?2019-02-16T19:17:41-05:00

An ELT Diagnostic is a test that allows teachers to assess their competencies and performance. The competencies component contains a series of questions that will evaluate what you know, what you do, and how you do it. The performance component is a 360° evaluation that has a self-assessment, as well as an assessment from a peer, a coordinator and a student. The teacher who purchases the ELT Diagnostic will need to provide email and name for each person so that ELT Think Tank can contact them to do the performance assessment. The results for both components are given with valuable feedback as to how you could continue your professional development. For more in depth feedback and suggestions you could purchase the PL Roadmap.

How do I download white papers?2019-02-16T19:17:48-05:00

To download our white papers, go to ELT Resources in the main menu and then go to Download. You have to fill out the form. Once you’ve done that, you will receive an email and the direct link to download the white paper.

How can I get a quote for Professional Learning services?2019-02-16T19:17:56-05:00

You can find all of the information about our services in the menu by clicking on Our Services. For a complete quote, you need to complete the form in Contact Us. We will reach you in approximately 24 hours.

How to ask for an ELT Consult?2019-02-16T19:18:04-05:00

An ELT consult has a basic charge of $10 which you can pay via PayPal. The consult consists of an expert analyzing your question and responding within the next 24 hours. The response will include either a complete response for your question or further instructions.

If our experts can’t solve your question, we will return your money.