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2306, 2018

TARGET: Speaking Why not pay it forward? #ELTpayitforward motivates teachers to share ideas today, so they can find amazing ones tomorrow. With this hash tag teachers can share their knowledge on teaching different topics related to grammar, vocabulary, and language skills. This week’s topic for ELT Pay It Forward was the Speaking. Speaking is one of the skills many [...]

506, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Use Quizlet Students can have trouble remembering new vocabulary. Let’s face it, it can be quite boring! Quizlet is a tool that can allow teachers to engage their students and promote vocabulary building activities in and out of class. We did a webinar walking you through the basics of using Quizlet and some of the most [...]

2005, 2018

TARGET: Past Simple Every time I offer a training session, I hear incredible ideas from participants on some of the toughest topics out there. Now, in theory I’m the “expert” walking in and giving teachers brilliant ideas and suggest tools they can use in their classes. But in fact, what happens is an exchange of ideas, [...]

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