ELT Think Tank supports English language teachers in their professional development, while promoting

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Our Purpose

So many teachers struggle to find the best way to pursue their professional development, which is why ELT Think Tank was created.

This is our way to support ELT teachers from around the world and do our part to promote life-long learning, a growth mindset, and collaboration as the core principles to professional development. We want to offer an inclusive community where all teachers can find a community of practice to share ideas, collaborate, and continue learning. This is why becoming a member of our community will always be free for teachers and alongside our partners, we will continue to offer a strong support system for all English language teachers.

We are also an Authorized Training Center for Bridge TEFL and offer blended courses in Colombia.

Professional Learning Services

Investigation and Research

Educational Social Projects

We offer teachers, schools, language centers, and universities support in their professional learning plan for their English language teachers.

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Alongside educational institutions, we carry out research projects that help us understand best practices in Continuous Professional Development.

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ELT Think Tank supports educational communities that need it by investing a percentage of our profit our educational social projects.

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Who’s behind the scenes?

Tatiana Gomez Ramirez
Tatiana Gomez RamirezFounder
I’m Tatiana and I decided to create ELT Think Tank because I absolutely love teaching English and helping other teachers be the best they can be. I am a passionate mom, entrepreneur, teacher, teacher trainer, consultant, dancer, dog lover, creative thinker, and dreamer. I have been a teacher since 2001 and consider myself a lifelong learner, and this drives me to always want to know more about my profession. I currently participate actively in the ELT community in Colombia as a speaker in national events and a teacher trainer in schools, universities as well as language centers. Not to mention this initiative to bring more teaching knowledge to teachers who are on the front line through ELT Think Tank.