March 30, 2019 @ 3:03 pm – 4:03 pm America/Bogota Timezone

Planning lessons is a well-known preoccupation in ELT. Yet teachers also realize that much of what is best in the class happens spontaneously in response to the moment. While spontaneity is everywhere in our daily practice, yet it has no discourse, is not researched, and remains an unobserved skill in teacher development. How can we open to the potential spontaneity that is in each moment?

We propose that a vital part of enacting any plan with professional artistry lies in developing the human creative capacity for spontaneity. We hope this conference will put spontaneity on the ELT map, so we can get better at inquiring into spontaneity and allowing it into learning, teaching, training and supervision.

For more information and registration: https://spontaneityinelt.weebly.com/

Adrian Underhill
Alan Maley
Barbara Roosken
Jane Spiro
Malu Sciamarelli
Sian Etherington