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    Problems with English skills (FUNNY)


    This YouTube video shows a conversation between English students, who each have a different problem with the English language. Follow along on this Think Tank to share your ideas about this video!

    STEP 1: Let us know you’re going to participate in this discussion. Say hi to everyone and let us know your expectations about this video

    Tell us!

    What are the common problems in your classroom?

    STEP 2: Watch the video and take notes of the parts that most caught your attention. Let us know what you thought by answering the following questions.



    After you watch:

    1. What kind of errors do the students make?
    2. How would you overcome these common errors?
    3. Can you think of other common errors students make in your classroom?



    1. What’s the difference between an error and a mistake? Write at least one reference with your conclusions.
    2. How could you teacher students to improve an error? a mistake?


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