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    Using Games in the Language Classroom

    If you’re interested in knowing how to use games better in your classroom, check out this think tank!


    STEP 1: Let us know you’re going to participate in this discussion. Say hi to everyone and let us know your expectations of this book just by reading the description that was extracted from the website cited below.

    Description extracted from Smashwords:

    10 good reasons why we should use games in the language classroom; Are we really sure about using games in the language classroom?; The 9 golden rules of using games in the language classroom; 3 strategies for incorporating games into beginner level classes; Great kids games to use with adult language learners; 3 great games for verb tense review; Using games to teach vocabulary?

    Simpson, A. (n.d.). Using Games in the Language Classroom, an Ebook by Adam Simpson. Retrieved from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/527354#!#download

    Now, let’s get started.

    STEP 2: Download ebook and take notes of the parts that most caught your attention. Let us know what you thought by answering the following questions.

    Before you read:

    1. Share at least one idea about how to use games in the classroom.

    After you read:

    1. Which game is more relevant for your teaching context? (kids, adults, schools, language center, etc.)
    2. Share your favorite activity from the book. Tell us when you’re going to try it out!
    3. Share one game that you use in your classes.
    4. Suggest more books on this topic!


    1. Are games all about having fun?
    2. What’s the difference between having fun and engaging students?


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