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    ELT Think Tank is a community that allows teachers to develop their professional learning skills at their own pace. One of the strategies to do this is through ELT Learning. Members are the life of our community by suggesting books, offering opinions, and participating in challenges. Here you can make sure to give priority to your professional development and at the same time learn as much as possible from experts in English Language Teaching.

    In ELT Learning, you can take part in all of the discussions, suggest books, articles and videos to discuss, as well as engage in interesting and collaborative discovery with teachers from all over the world.

    It’s important to keep in mind ELT Learning’s core foundations:

    • Respect
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Change mindset
    • Willingness to learn

    To get started, create an account and say to everyone. Don’t forget to tell us what part of the world you’re from! Let us know if you have any questions, if not then start looking around and participating.

    Once you’re signed up you can visit:

    PD Reading: In the Professional Learning – Reading, PD Reading, you’ll find books and articles related to English language teaching that will share insight to a variety of topics necessary for any teacher seeking to continue growing professionally. Read along and let us know your thoughts on how these ideas would work in your classroom.

    PD Videos: Professional Learning – Video, PD Videos, curates conferences, training sessions, symposiums and lectures that are held all over the world on a daily basis in the hopes of sharing ideas with fellow teachers and enriching our profession. Here you’ll find the best videos that will help you rethink, reshape and fall in love with teaching all over again.

    Challenges: Every month we’ll post a challenge that is meant to keep you on your toes and in tune with your professional learning process. Join in!

    Announcements: Find out what’s going on on ELT learning and new ways you can use ELT Think Tank and ELT Learning to path the way for your professional learning. You can also ask us questions or make suggestions to help us continue improving ELT Think Tank.

    Welcome to ELT Learning!

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