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Every time I offer a training session, I hear incredible ideas from participants on some of the toughest topics out there. Now, in theory I’m the “expert” walking in and giving teachers brilliant ideas and suggest tools they can use in their classes. But in fact, what happens is an exchange of ideas, where it soon becomes clear everyone is an expert in something.

Why not pay it forward?

#ELTpayitforward motivates teachers to share ideas today, so they can find amazing ones tomorrow. With this hash tag teachers can share their knowledge on teaching different topics related to grammar, vocabulary, and language skills.

This week’s topic for ELT Pay It Forward was the Past Simple. Thank you to everyone who posted their ideas!

So, without further delay, here are this week’s ideas. I’ll kick it off with my favorite way to teach past simple.

I usually use a Mr. Bean video where’s he’s running late for a dentist appointment. I first review the activities they normally do in the morning and the logic order of a daily routine. Then we explain what happened today to Mr. Bean and analyze the differences. #ELTpayitforward #pastsimple

Ideas from followers!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and are now part of our #ELTpayitforward movement.

I have SS make cards with both kind of verbs, on one side the verb, on the other one example taken from a dictionary + two examples using their own ideas  I check those on a weekly basis & we play bingo w/ cards

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Get students to imagine they had a great – but unusual – day yesterday. They went somewhere/did something/met someone amazing. They write down the timetable of their day using past simple.

2/ Option 1 – in pairs, they keep their itinerary secret and use past simple questions to quiz each other about their days. Can they figure out what their partner was up to?

3/ Option 2 – In pairs. Students memorise their timetable, then hand it to partner. Partner quizzes them in past simple about what they did when, partner answers in past simple. Can they remember all of their own timetable?

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#ELTpayitforward motivates teachers to share ideas today, so they can find amazing ones tomorrow. Click To Tweet

Sentence building for : student pairs write sentences: I walked into a park, I ordered food at a restaurant,etc. Exchange with other pairs who add the connecting word when and complete each: I ordered food at a restaurant when the waiter spilled the tray. Then act out

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Got a good video on the history of CocaCola for this one and the lesson plan features for the grammar activity. There’s a lot great examples in the video of regular/irregular past simple verbs and then an example or two of negative past simple.

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Stay tuned for next week’s topic on ELT Pay It Forward! Of course, comment below your ideas to teach past simple.

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