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Take e-Training Session

During your interactive e-training session, you’ll have to show us what you know and learn through engaging activities embedded in our videos.


Get feedback from a teacher trainer on your responses from your e-training session.


Download practical worksheets for further practice after the e-training session.


Download your certificate once you’ve finished the e-training session.

ELT e-Training

Personalize your professional development

Our e-Training sessions consist of:

  • Interactive e-Training session– Our e-Training sessions are 1-hour pre-recorded videos with interactive activities that allow you to engage with the content and learn better. You should complete the activities within two weeks of getting access to the e-training, although you will have one-month access to them after you’ve bought them and can watch whenever you want.
  • Teacher trainer feedback – After you’ve finished your interactive session, your teacher trainer will offer you feedback on your e-training session responses, and will answer any questions you had during your independent session.
  • Worksheets – Every e-training session has downloadable worksheets that allow you to continue learning and practicing even after the session.
  • Certificate – We offer a participation certificate that will describe the skills you acquired during this session. To obtain the certificate you must:
    • Complete the e-training session (including 1-hour e-training video and related worksheets)
    • Respond to your teacher trainer’s feedback
    • As you complete the e-training session and worksheets, you will be asked to complete certain tasks in the classroom that you should reflect upon in one of the proposed methods during your e-training session.
  • PLUS! You will become part of the ELT Thinkers community, which will allow you to keep in touch with teachers and teacher trainers to help you to continue learning.

Individual teacher


10 or more teachers


You can choose from one of our sessions and suggest new ones!

As a group of 5 teachers or more, you can choose any topic you want and we’ll prepare that e-training.

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Contact us for more information: ask.us@eltthinktank.com


Who’s behind the scenes?

Tatiana Gomez Ramirez
Tatiana Gomez RamirezFounder
I’m Tatiana and I decided to create ELT Think Tank because I absolutely love teaching English and helping other teachers be the best they can be. I am a passionate mom, entrepreneur, teacher, teacher trainer, consultant, dancer, dog lover, creative thinker, and dreamer. I have been a teacher since 2001 and consider myself a lifelong learner, and this drives me to always want to know more about my profession. I currently participate actively in the ELT community in Colombia as a speaker in national events and a teacher trainer in schools, universities as well as language centers. Not to mention this initiative to bring more teaching knowledge to teachers who are on the front line through ELT Think Tank.
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