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Mark Arthur – Five Keys to Developing Learner Independence with Teenagers and Adults

Whichever back-to-school scenario language learners are facing, they will almost certainly have fewer opportunities to engage in meaningful language use during class time, making it more important than ever for them to be effective independent learners. Yet simply setting independent learning activities is not enough and it is the teaching strategies that we use in-class […]

Maria Toth – Let’s Kahoot!

Whether you’re new to Kahoots or a regular user, these 15 useful Kahoot tips will help you get the most out of Kahoots with your classes. Come and join us to experience how Kahoots can improve learning and engage students. We’ll go over the how, when and where in this active session for English language Primary teachers. Be prepared […]

The HKCPD Hub Virtual International Conference 2021 for English teaching professionals

The HKCPD Hub Virtual International Conference 2021 for English teaching professionals will be held from 8 to 10 January 2021. The conference addresses the theme of "Innovative teaching and research in English Language Education". Organised by five leading universities in Hong Kong, this international conference is an excellent opportunity for English teaching professionals to meet, […]

The 28th Korea TESOL International Conference

The 28th Korea TESOL International Conference "Re-envisioning ELT Altogether, All Together" February 19-28, 2021 100% Online Keynote Speaker: Gerd Leonhard Call for Proposals: December 1-31, 2020 Acceptance Notification: January 10, 2021 Attendee Registration: January 1-February 10, 2021

Making Critical & Creative Thinking Visual for Young Learners

In this very practical session, we will consider activities to prepare primary children to think creatively and critically using Visible thinking techniques. As the great Albert Einstein said: “Education is not learning facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

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