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22nd Annual International Conference of the English Department

The conference aims at bringing together young researchers and significant developments across diverse linguistic fields from syntax to pragmatics and translation studies. The conference addresses key issues in linguistic theory while […]

An Online Academic Writing Course

Writing is an educated skill. We usually write in our daily life but when it comes to academic writing, it has proved quite different even for the students from English-Speaking […]

CALICO 2020 “Global Realities”

The theme of this year’s conference is “Global Realities” and focuses on innovative approaches to second language and culture learning through actual global realities and virtual realities.

Covid-19 Takeaways


COVID-19 Takeaways: what we learned and how this has transformed ELT. Many countries are still on stay-at-home orders and we're still not sure what's to come for education after things […]


Using Art in EFL Classrooms

Art can be a very motivating and refreshing tool for students to practice English. It makes the class fun and engages students in the tasks. The workshop includes art-related tasks to […]


As the tech space matures, CALL as a discipline is driven by the complementing spheres of those developing new teaching techniques, and those researchers looking to ensure that teaching methodologies […]

14th METU International ELT Convention

The 14th METU International ELT Convention aims to cover any issues open to change and improvement through personal, professional and academic reflection, related to (but not limited to): Teaching and […]

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