More ideas: Moving up to B2 First for Schools: the next level

What is this webinar about? So, your learners passed B1 Preliminary for Schools – congratulations! But what next? How do you keep the momentum going? How do you encourage learners to continue to improve their English? Join our webinar to become familiar with what is tested in B2 First for Schools compared to B1 Preliminary […]

Inspiring Curiosity, Communication and Creativity in the Young Learner Classroom

Inspiring curiosity, communication and creativity in the young learner classroom Presented by Katherine Stannett and Andrew Tiffany 29 September Time: 9 AM BST / 2 pm BST OVERVIEW Imagine a classroom that is a fun, engaging, and motivating environment for young learners. Imagine using real life stories, facts and photographs to introduce our young learners […]

Routines and classroom management for very young learners

Presenter(s): Jeanne Perrett We want our very young students to enjoy their first years of learning English. We want them to feel happy and confident in the classroom, and to cooperate well with each other. In this session we will focus on practical ideas and teaching tips for how we can organise and manage a class […]

Looking back to look ahead: Language teaching experiences during COVID-19

About the talk The rapid transition from face-to-face to alternative ways of instruction has significantly disrupted all sectors of education including English Language Teaching. While this disruption has exposed existing gaps and inequalities, it has also revealed extraordinary educational resilience and resourcefulness. Drawing on a large-scale study on language teaching experiences during COVID-19, this session […]

Single Voices, Global Choices: An Online Community Project

About the talk There has been much research into the global value of Online Community Projects (OCPs), but little into their potential for foreign or second language teachers. Therefore, many secondary school language teachers create their theory by integrating OCPs into their curriculums, even during the recent pandemic and lockdown. This presentation provides examples from […]

Quizzing tools, retrieval practice and multi-modal feedback in language lessons

About the talk In this webinar, Joe Dale will showcase a variety of examples of good practice in online teaching from practising secondary school languages teachers on Twitter. He will explain ways in which teachers have dealt with life during the pandemic and show how different cross-platform tools can promote collaboration, independent learning, retrieval practice […]

A recipe for teacher learning

About the webinar To be worthwhile, teacher development needs to have an impact on teaching and learning. In this talk we’ll look at the essential ingredients of impactful teacher development activity. If you’re a teacher, you’ll learn how you can make sure that the time you spend on development is productive, and make lasting changes […]

Teenagers: Flow and the random factor

About the webinar This session will demonstrate two approaches that stimulate teenagers’ motivation to learn: Flow theory – helps us create the classroom conditions for intrinsic motivation to flourish. ‘The random factor’ (that is, exploiting activities based on an absurd premise) – takes away students’ fear of the wrong answer, and encourages critical and creative […]

56th ASOCOPI Online

56th ASOCOPI Online Annual and 2nd International Conference Landscapes of English Language Teachers Praxis and Agency

Everything you want to know about C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency: Panel discussion


What is this webinar about? Do you prepare students for C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency? Then this webinar is your chance to ask our panel of experts questions about C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. We are joined by a Cambridge speaking examiner, an Assessment Group Manager, the Head of Global Recognition, a coursebook publisher and […]

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