5 ideas to Save time with DIY Printables!

Teachers are always struggling with finding enough time to get things done. We’ve put together a list of 5 websites that lets you make your own worksheets and printables, but that help you easy-to-use timesaving templates and layouts.

Of course, you can get tons of readymade lessons and materials for your classes online on sites like Fluentize, ISL Collective, and Busy Teacher.

But there are times when you want to personalize activities and printables so our students can get the most out of them. Here are some noteworthy sites that will help you not only design great tailormade activities but will also help you save time with easy to use platforms.




There are many websites that allow you to create quizzes, but Quillionz will for sure help you save time as it is the first AI-powered platform that actually creates the questions for you. This free platform lets you build quizzes and assessments in seconds with its artificial intelligence technology. Now, just because it helps you choose multiple-choice questions, recall questions, and short descriptive questions, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. Quillionz lets you take those questions and make them your own. Once you’re done, you can export it as a text to make your quiz ready to print.

Song Lyrics


Lots of people have used Lyrics Training, but be sure not to miss out on the printing options they offer. Not all of us have the tech tools we need to have students, each with their own device, use Lyrics Training in the classroom. (Although you can always try their new mobile-friendly option if you have the set up necessary for it) But, be it if you simply don’t want to use technology or don’t have the setup, try checking out the printable version. All you have to do is choose the song or video you want and go to the Print Lyrics option. Once you’re there, you can print the full lyrics or manually select the words you want so it goes hand in hand with the target language from your lesson. You can also show line index so it can be easier to guide your students through the activity, and you can even add a header so students can put their names and hand in the activity at the end. Now, remember Lyrics training doesn’t only have music, so you can try this out with trailers, movie clips and other types of videos, too.




Making personalized crosswords doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s what you have to fill out and some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Title: Give your new crossword a name that will clearly identify either your group, target language, or have fun with it!
  • Instructions: you can write your own instructions. I like to make students read, so I always include a twist like write only in green ink or write verbs in blue and nouns in red. This keeps your students on their toes.
  • Clues and words: there are a few ways to do this. (1) You can use a set of premade clues and words that are amazing and save you tons of time! (2) Make your own list directly on the website. (3) Create a list in Word and then copy paste it. Make sure you separate the “word” and “clue” with a carat ^ (shift-6) (Example: word^clue). Put each pair of word and clue on its own line. Once you’re done click Submit.
  • Personalize it by choosing the font, show the word bank, and decide whether to show the words Across/Down or  Horizontal/Vertical (although you can always edit this once you create it)




You can also create word searches on the same site as before, and it’s just as easy! Again you can make your list or choose from a premade list. You can personalize it, not only by choosing the size, shape, direction of words, word list. They also offer lots of help as you go along, and give you ideas to make it more fun for your students.



Finally, we can’t leave out how to make your own flashcards! This website is great and lets you make flashcard with only text or an image and text. Make your own or find lots of readymade ones as well.

Check out these flashcards with some keywords from Professional Development for English Language teachers. This is a great game you can start your next teacher’s meeting with!

Download CPD Worksheets. 

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