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EVO 2018 Sessions begin
Jan 14 all-day

Sessions 2018
ICT4ELT 2018
Teacher, trainer, coach- developing the Business English Professional
EVO Minecraft MOOC
Moodle 4 Teachers (Teaching Online)
Mother Tongue Use in the EFL Classroom
QR Codes in Action
Teaching Listening: principles, techniques and technologies
Teaching Pronunciation Differently
Teaching EFL to Young Learners

Creative Ways English Teachers Can Earn More Doing Less
Jan 14 @ 4:19 pm – 5:19 pm

Do you want (or need) to supplement your full-time income? Or, would you like to be able to have multiple income streams for your business?

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you are trading hours for money, you will eventually reach an income ceiling. Depending on your hourly rate, this ceiling could still leave you struggling to make ends meet. Even worse, many freelance teachers aren’t sent the work they need and can’t fill their hours. It’s time to get creative and find other ways to increase you income this year. This content-rich webinar will give you lots of great ideas for not only increasing your income, but also leveraging your time, so you can achieve (and earn) more, doing less. You’ll learn about different products, services, packages and business models that can support the lifestyle you’d like to have while doing what you love.

IATEFL: Tips for First-Time Presenters at International Conferences
Jan 20 all-day

Are you about to present at the IATEFL Annual Conference, or another international conference, for the first time? Why not join us to hear some top tips from presenters talking about their experiences, what they do to prepare, how they dealt with the anxiety of the first time, how they handle the audience, and how their experiences have helped them to develop, both personally and professionally.

EFL Talks: 10×10 (BELTA & TESOL Greece)
Jan 21 @ 9:25 pm
Getting started with action research
Jan 24 @ 9:27 pm – 10:27 pm
Action research is a way of systematically exploring your teaching practice that involves planning, observing and reflecting on different actions (interventions) in order to better understand or improve teaching and learning in your specific context. It can be a very useful form of continuing professional development for English language teachers, but sometimes daunting to get started with. This webinar will help you to start thinking about how you might engage in action research yourself, or together with colleagues. First, I will introduce some different contexts for doing action research, and the processes and stages involved in conducting an action research project. I will then spend most of the webinar focusing on how to get started with action research, including how to choose a topic, refine a research question and plan the intervention(s). I will also discuss ways that you might observe the effects of your action(s), and how you could analyse and reflect on the data gathered in order to continue with another cycle of research

Emily Edwards works as a Lecturer and Research Project Manager at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She recently completed her PhD in Education (TESOL), which explored the impact of a national action research program on the professional development and identities of in-service English language teachers in Australia. Before commencing her PhD, Emily worked as an ESL teacher and conducted action research together with her students to improve teaching materials. In 2015, she set up a localised annual action research program within the English language college where she was teaching. Her publications on action research that are freely accessible online include articles in ELT Research (Issue 31), ELT Journal (Volume 70, Issue 1), English Australia journal (Volume 29, Issue 1) and Cambridge Research Notes (Issue 53).


CELT Athens Free Teacher Development Webinar
Jan 25 @ 9:34 pm – 9:49 pm

Since the beginning of 2017, CELT Athens has been offering a series of monthly teacher development webinars free for all practising and aspiring English language teachers.

They are hosted in our own Live Classroom powered by Adobe Connect Pro, the top interactive platform for online learning.

On the last Thursday of each month

These interactive webinars focus on areas relevant to working professionals who need practical advice on their day-to-day teaching.

Webinar presenters are tutors on our courses at CELT Athens, including the Cambridge CELTA and Delta.

Click on the webinar page link to be informed of the next webinar topic.

Marisa Constantinides, CELT Athens

LASIG: Augmented Reality for encouraging out-of-class learning
Jan 26 @ 1:21 am – 2:21 am

Augmented Reality (AR) is an increasingly common technology that is starting to be explored for its educational potential. It involves overlaying digital information onto the physical world (for example by using the camera of a mobile phone) and as such provides opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Because both teachers and students can add information, it has the potential to provide learners with an active role in the learning process. Despite increasing use in science education, the training of medical practitioners and the use of simulations for a range of skills, the application of AR in language education has been limited. In this practical talk, I will briefly review recent developments in this area and look at some of the potential benefits of AR for preparing learners for, and supporting them in their learning beyond the classroom. I will give a few examples of activities that can easily be adopted by teachers without specialised technical skills or experience in this area. l will also consider some issues relating to privacy, security and implementation.

Linguistic competence and successful spoken English
Feb 7 all-day

Researching Urban Multilingualism
Feb 8 @ 4:44 pm – 5:44 pm
Using a Student Writing Corpus in Teaching Academic Writing
Feb 22 @ 10:15 pm – 11:15 pm